LN Wood Company



Home or business owner?

Need to renovate or just make your place more cosy?

We manufacture and install, high quality kitchens, cabinets, wall units, robes and bars. We build custom furniture to suit your unique style and budget.

Call 647-895-4458 or email lnwoodcompany@gmail.com for free estimate.


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Our Solution

Our company is dedicated to excelling in our delivery of a truly custom, well-manufactured product and superior service.

We provide complete service in planning, design, build and installation to create product that is truly customized for you.


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Our planning stage determines the needs of each specific customer. We will present the best possible solution to build the perfect and unique unit for your home, office or restaurant.


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We provide detailed hand drawn plans that allow you to visualize your project and provide input into the project. You will be presented with many options for finishing, hardware and trims.



While we build all your cabinetry, you are welcome to come by and view your project during its creation. You can even visit our shop to view and finalize any details.



We install everything on-site to fully satisfy and meet your expectations.